Parallel Worlds - Far Away Light
Far Away Light
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this is the third PARALLEL WORLDS album FAR AWAY LIGHT.

it features many diverse tracks from low-tempo electronica to ambient and even electro-like and "crossover" style tracks.

of course, again, the tracks have been composed using everything that my "wavemountain" studio has, from the Korg Electribe A , R and S to the huge Doepfer A100 and Technosaurus SELECTOR System D Modular. of course, all machines have contributed to this album (Roland JP8000, Korg MS2000R, Nord Micromodular, Waldorf Microwave XT, Emax2, S750, Korg MS20, MS50, SQ10, ARP Odyssey, Yamaha FS1R, Oberheim Matrix 6R and many others....
you can listen to sound clips at the Shima Records website.
any comments are always welcome!
of course, this album is available from Shima records website, but also is available from, Musiczeit, i-tunes and many other outlets and music stores worldwide.


1. Lifecircles   play
2. Musique Electronique Part 1 
3. Musique Electronique Part 2
4. Dreamstate  
5. Borrowing Time From God 
6. Far Away Light
7. Soulgates
8. Misty Journey
9. Expectations 
10.Fading Memories

Far Away Light CD.
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